World Première of Djinn, by John Psathas – The Dominion Post
“As we have come to expect from him (Psathas), the work is rhythmically driven – but it is all a framework surrounding the dazzling marimba part, here played with the sort of sheer mastery that we have come to expect from Portuguese virtuoso Pedro Carneiro.”
John Button, The Dominion Post, April 2010

World Première of Djinn, by John Psathas –
(…) played with almost unbelievable wizardry by Portuguese percussionist Pedro Carneiro,
Lindis Taylor,, April 2010

Carneiro and Arditti Quartet in Lisbon – March 2009
“With a majestic performance of Psappha (the greek name of the poetess Sappho, who sang earthily love seven centuries before Christ) (…) Carneiro gave us complete showmanship of technical virtuosity and much more – his choice of instruments, his nuances and attack, the sensitive control of the mallets, his pulse, nerve and blood temperature. Pedro Carneiro created his tempo for what Xenakis initially suggested. Carneiro was instrumentalist and instrument, all at once”.
Pedro Boléo, Público (Lisbon), March 2009

Mantler’s “Concertos” on ECM 2054, Review – Gramophone
(…) endlessly resourceful mallet-work of Pedro Carneiro in MarimbaVibe (…)
Richard Whitehouse, Gramophone UK, March 2009

Masson’s “Crossings” (Double Concerto) with Colin Currie and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra
The Iceland Symphony Orchestra played a dark and mystic accompaniment to the English – Portuguese genius duo, who played with enormous precision, absorbed into the music, with powerful energy and humor. The piece by Masson offered the audience much variety in color and texture and it was obvious – by the enthusiastic rejoice that the audience gave at the end of the performance – that the concert was well received.
Morgunbladid (Reykjavik), 24/01/2009

Rosauro Concerto with Wienner Kammerorchester
(…) in the “Marimba Concerto” , Pedro Carneiro coaxed beguiling sounds out of his instrument.
Kronen Zeitung (Vienna), 06/11/2008

Miyoshi/Rosauro Concertos with Südwestdeutches Kammerorchester
” (…) the masterly playing soloist gave all his finest best on the marimba, enchanting the listeners and carrying them away, like lost in dreams. Carneiro certainly showed his capabilities, especially in the last two movements of the Rosauro Concerto, also with often very funny jumping tempo-runs or in highly virtuoso speeding sequences. But that wasn’t the only reason for which this marimba player, with two sticks in each hand like an agile precision tool working on his instrument, was celebrated with bravo acclamations.”
R. Uhlig, Pforzheimer Zeitung, 04/2008

Michael Mantler Concerto at JazzFest Berlin
“Marimba player Pedro Carneiro, who performed as a soloist as well as a member of the chamber ensemble, appeared to be a superman from another galaxy.”
Ulrich Olshausen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 11/2007

Tüür’s “Ardor” on ECM New Series 1919, Review – BBC Music Magazine
Five Stars for both Performance and Sound
“The performances all seem to be of the highest quality, and two artists deserve special mention: Pedro Carneiro for his almost unbelievable feats of prestidigitation as marimba soloist in Ardor (…).”
Calum MacDonald, BBC Music Magazine, 09/2007

Tüür’s “Ardor” on ECM New Series 1919, Review – Gramophone
“Varied and evocative, full of fascinating sonorities, Ardor is motoric and eruptive in the outer spans, contemplative but still volatile at the centre. Pedro Carneiro, the dedicatee, plays with commendable authority and virtuosity.”
Guy Rickards, Gramophone, 07/2007

Tüür’s “Ardor” on ECM New Series 1919, Review – International Record Review
“(…) bursts into immediate action, stomping its way forward, the marimba patterns pushed onwards by minimalist rhythmic fragments in the strings. Pedro Carneiro’s eyes must have bulged when he first opened the score and looked at the solo part, which to this non-percussionist sounds to be horrendously difficult, but there’s not a moment’s hesitation in his despatch of the notes, not a rhythmic fluff or fumble.”
Martin Anderson, International Record Review, 06/2007

Tüür’s “Ardor” on ECM New Series 1919, Review – Musicweb International
“These performances by musicians who have a long association with and understanding of Tüür’s music are all excellent. Carneiro, to whom Ardor is dedicated, plays marvelously throughout.”
Hubert Culot, Musicweb International, 06/2007

“Improbable Transgressions” Double CD Review – The Wire
“The first disc of Improbable Transgressions consists of nine solo improvisations by Portuguese percussion virtuoso Pedro Carneiro (…). Taken as a whole it’s an exhausting listen but a fascinating one (…), the results are both challenging and rewarding.”
Dan Warburton, The Wire, 06/2007

“Improbable Transgressions” Double CD Review –
“Classical and contemporay percussionist Pedro Carneiro performs 9 superb solo marimba pieces on the first disc. (…)The pieces themselves are lively, funny, serious and at times defiantly tongue in cheek. They’re instantly likable as the marimba has such a warm sound that it’s hard not to be charmed. (…) The range of styles and interpretations is truly impressive and we’re treated to tense, drone and manipulation works, freeform takes on the skittish percussive sound of the original and heavily structured arrangements. Experimental music of the highest calibre from a consistently excellent label. Bravo!”, 06/2007

“Improbable Transgressions” Double CD Review – Touching Extremes
“(…) Carneiro recorded nine solo improvisations, using the many techniques at his disposal to show every nuance, noise, resonance and protruberance to conjure up fascinating dissonant networks and pronounced rarefactions. (…) All in all, this is a conceptually important (…) release, certainly a different step in Sirr’s usual path.”
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, 06/2007

“Improbable Transgressions” Double CD Review –
“(…) Carneiro has therefore, without a single doubt, transcended the fact that he’s a percussionist and risen to the position of one of Portugal’s brightest musical stars (…). (…), the more your body acclimates itself, the more the uniqueness of this world shines through, the more you recognize that you can use both versions of the pieces as the starting point for further discoveries. An edgy case of cross fertilization, but a rewarding one.”
Tobias Fischer,, 05/2007

Xenakis DVDplus Review in La Folia – Online Music Review
“Xenakis wrote only two solo percussion pieces, Psappha and Rebonds. Carneiro figures in the best recordings to date. (…) He and the Zig Zag team have captured ephemeral percussion sounds remarkably well. (…) Carneiro and Zig Zag offer greater dynamic range and presence.”
Grant Chu Covell, La Folia, 10/2006

Ciclo de Música Contemporánea, San Sebastian, Spain
Review (Carneiro, Alberdi and Descalzo)
“It was a remarkable display, the performance of ‘Tensión-Relax’ for solo percussion, in which Carneiro, surrounded by 23 percussion instruments, demonstrated a phenomenal dexterity and skill whilst reaching for every single instrument in the set-up.”
Aitor Álvarez, Diario Vasco, 03/09/2006

Recital in Festival de Torroella de Montgri, Spain
“An amazing display of virtuosity (…). When master Carneiro performs, any composer would be tempted to throw himself immediately into writing a piece for him (…). An astounding success at the end of every work in the program.”
Eduardo Rincón, El Punt, 16/07/2006

Irish Solo Tour Review (Dublin Recital)
“(…) performed by someone of Carneiro’s deep artistic conviction (quite apart from his immense virtuosity). The programme which the young Portuguese presented in Dublin on his Music Network tour – seemed designed to do no more or less than go to the heart of the music. If his playing was sometimes breathtakingly spectacular, it was a by-product of this primary aim. After opening with his own lucid and impressively apt-sounding transcriptions for marimba of music by Bach and Schumann, Carneiro turned to works by fellow percussionists. Tokyo-born Keiko Abe is credited with bringing the marimba out of amateur folk instrument status and into the classical mainstream. Her 1982 Variations on Japanese Children’s Songs echo and combine the sounds and music of her own childhood. A gentle but insistent energy grows out of overlapping ostinati, from the midst of which magically emerges the melodic line – no surprise after the way he handled the inside voices in both the Bach and Schumann.”
Micheal Dungan, Irish Times, 06/04/2006

Xenakis DVDplus Review in Fanfare Magazine (USA)
“Pedro Carneiro is a young (29) performer with technique to burn, and he shows great mastery of this music. (…) exhilarating.”
Fanfare Magazine (USA) – Jan/Feb 2006

Solo Percussion Recital in Manila, Philippines
“Carneiro climaxed his virtuoso performance (…). The tremendous, mindboggling feat that conveyed cacophonous aural effects, belied Carneiro’s slight build and frame. To persistent clamor and applause, the artist responded with another demostration of his dexterity by simulating on a snare drum a train starting and continuing on his journey. The hesitant, lumbering beat imitated the slow start of the train which gained more speed, finally reaching its astounding frenzied maximum. All the changes of tempo were devastatingly delineated by Carneiro, leaving the audience dazzled and breathless.”
Rosalinda L. Orosa, The Philippine Star (Manila, Philippines) – 29/10/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in Nowa Muzyka (Poland)
“The works on this disc have been recorded before (…). The question is: how does this recording relate to earlier discs? I think the young Portuguese musician is soon to join the group of five star performers such as Steven Schick and Sylvio Gualda. I particularly enjoyed Psappha (…), Carneiro achieved an interesting choice of expressive and dynamic contrast (colourful, lively). This interpretation is worthy of distinction!”
Wojciech Jachimiak, Nowa Muzyka, October 2005

Carneiro and the Bilbao S.O./Juanjo Mena/Gabriel Erkoreka
“Gabriel Erkoreka, an exceptionally creative musician, arrives to a remarkable degree of expressiveness in his work “Afrika” (2002), one of his most accomplished compositions, without having to make a folkloristic reference to the country who inspired him. The work is extremely interesting from beginning to end. Pedro Carneiro, a true marimba virtuoso, performed his solo part brilliantly. His work was essential for the understanding of the composition. The composer had one of the greatest cheers ever heard in Bilbao, for a work presented practically as a première.”
Karmelo Errekatxo, El Correo (Bilbao, España) – 15/10/2005

Instrumenta Verano (Mexico) Concert Review
Considered one of the very few solo percussionists with international acclaim, the Lusitanian Carneiro made justice to his virtuosity as he extracted an infinity of sonorities, armed solely with a few drumsticks, in a brief work (…) by Novotney, entitled A minute of News, which we could easily compare to the Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky-Korsakov (…).
El Imparcial (Mexico) – 8/5/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in Il Manifesto
(…) performed with tremendous skill, the Prince of this CD, Pedro Carneiro.
Il Manifesto (Italy) – 6/3/2005

Xenakis London Recital and DVDplus Review in
Carneiro played Psappha to mesmerising effect (…). It should be a compulsory purchase for percussionists and a recommendable one for exploratory others. The actual recording (and filming of the process) is superb, and this is a CD in demonstration class. (…) I look forward next to a full DVD from Pedro Carneiro. – 18/7/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in The Guardian
(…) highly charged (…). All are dazzlingly well played by Pedro Carneiro. (…)
The Guardian , London (UK) – 27/5/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in
(…) Pedro Carneiro, a charismatic percussionist, who transforms the repetitive, ritual-like rhythmic cells into an exciting streaming river of sounds. (…) we are under the impression of grabbing the sounds with our bare hands. (Germany) – 4/1/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in
Percussionist Pedro Carneiro dedicates a CD to Xenakis pieces Psappha, Rebonds A and B and Okho. (…) CD full of compelling percussion sounds (…) (Holland) – 3/6/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in Kulturradio am Mittag
Five Stars – Essential Buy

These works, nearly rituals, demand for a high level of precision and refined control of timbre. These are impressively present in Carneiro’s performance – this is an eclectic musician, who also studied trumpet and cello and is now also conducting and composing. In his hands, the strong rhythms of these works become an essential musical experience.
Kulturradio am Mittag (Germany) – 25/3/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in
Five Stars – Essential Buy

After the beautiful and poetic recording “Crazy Mallets – Portuguese music for marimba”, Pedro Carneiro focuses on the passionate music of Iannis Xenakis and takes the serious risk of becoming one of the greatest percussionists worldwide. Percussion has a leading role in Xenakis’ work and classics such as “Psappha”, “Rebonds” or “Okho” have found their ideal performer, for his expressiveness and for the humble approach of reaching for the composer’s original intentions. Xenakis’ compositions are direct, visceral, nearly primitive and demand for a percussionist like Pedro Carneiro, with an extraordinary technique, capable of extracting unbelievable richness out of relatively simple instruments. – 4/10/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Rating in Le Monde de La Musique et Diapason

Xenakis DVDplus Review in La Vanguardia
It is this highly sensual Xenakis, of extrovert rhythms and enormous richness of timbres, which Pedro Carneiro splendidly presents us (…) we see Carneiro go from performer to a true athlete of rhythm, all the effort required.
La Vanguardia (Spain) – 16/2/2005

Xenakis DVDplus Review in “Magazine RTP2”
Awarded Second Best recording of 2004, in the category of recordings by Portuguese composers and/or performers, on RTP2 (National Portuguese Television) arts program “Magazine”.
Magazine/RTP2 – 28/12/2004

Xenakis DVDplus Review in
(….) excellent Pedro Carneiro (…) performs spectacularly Rebonds B (…) – 20/12/2004

Xenakis DVDplus Review in
Pedro Carneiro is THE percussionist on this disc. We see him performing and sharing his thoughts on the DVD. This international artist defends contemporary music in Europe, but also in the USA and Asia-Pacific. It is not by chance that this artist, composer and conductor gives us his vision of a Xenakis at the top. – 12/10/2004

Xenakis DVDplus Review in Le Monde
Un portrait percutant de Xenakis
The programme chosen by Pedro Carneiro is a formidable reading of these major works for small forces. Associated with Matthew Rich and Stephen John Gibson for a djembe trio, the young Portuguese makes us perceive the granulous dimension of Okho, rough as amber, but streaming like sand. In the solo works, he is as precise (in the multiplied pressure of Rebonds) the as he is inspired (in the mysterious drama of Psappha). To the merit of this disc, extremely precious for its quality of interpretation, Zig-Zag added a DVD, on the opposite side of the audio CD.
Le Monde – 11/8/2004

Xenakis DVDplus Review in Público

(…) we are faced with a work of excellence, from a creative and technical point of view. (…) the disc seems to be telling us: hear it, see it, this is for you. (…) Pedro Carneiro extracted the most essential, impetuous and sensorial aspects from the work of the Greek composer, working with precious detail. We knew already he was a magnificent performer, but in this repertoire – one of the most demanding ever written for the instrument – we start to see a charismatic musician, renowned in the international concert scene.
Público (Lisbon) – 11/6/2004

Pedro Carneiro at “La Biennale di Venezia” (i)
“(…) the marimba sometimes sounds like the txalaparta – sensational Pedro Carneiro (…)”.
El País – 17/10/2004

Pedro Carneiro at “La Biennale di Venezia” (ii)
“… Gabriel Erkoreka’s (1969) AFRIKA, for marimba and orchestra, found a perfect answer in the impeccable performance of it’s soloist Pedro Carneiro (…)”.
El Mundo – 18/10/2004

Pedro Carneiro at “La Biennale di Venezia” (iii)
“The subtle control of substance and coherence on Erkoreka´s work was highly applauded, enhanced by the sublime performance of its phenomenal soloist, Pedro Carneiro (…). To enter like this in Venice is a total triumph.”
ABC (Madrid) – 17/10/2004

Marimba and Electronics – Northern Ireland
“The UK premiere of Paul Wilson’s Without Words was played brilliantly by the Portuguese percussionist Pedro Carneiro (…)”
Contemporary Music Centre – Ireland – 28/4/2004

Crazy Mallets CD Review
(…) Carneiro, a percussionist of international caliber, has absolute control of the marimba and that is heard in the recording from beginning to end, that is in fact, the main argument for it to be recommended.
O Público (Lisbon) – 27/12/2003

Crazy Mallets CD Review
“I would characterise Pedro Carneiro on this showing as a poet of the marimba (…)” – 12/4/2003

Pedro Carneiro/Gävle SO/Sweden (I)
“(…) it was profoundly passionate and it didn’t leave a single listener cold or indifferent. The soloist Pedro Carneiro worked like a madman behind the marimba, but his passionate talent wasn’t totally apparent up until the orchestra left him alone and he, with enthusiasm and feeling, made us listen to every single register of expression coming from the instrument.”
Gefle Dagblad (Sweden) – 11/9/2003

Pedro Carneiro/Gävle SO/Sweden (II)
“Pedro Carneiro’s marimba playing was impressive with a wealth of timbres and an expressive performance. In a few words: an exceptional and thoroughly enjoyable musical experience.”
Arbetarbladet (Sweden) – 11/10/2003

Pedro Carneiro with Drumstruck! – London concert at the South Bank
“The evening ended impressively with Pedro Carneiro unleashing unsuspected power from his marimba in Miki’s Marimba Spiritual to hold his own against the onslaught of the untuned percussion of Drumstruck! (…) the concert showed he can summon up showy fireworks with the best of them! – 12/4/2003

The drumming, marimba playing boy
(…) Pedro Carneiro, 28 years of age, with an extraordinary career, having performed worldwide as a recitalist and soloist with prestigious orchestras (…), from Estonia to Los Angeles, from Cape Verde to England (…). In São Vicente, he transformed an hour-long concert into an impressive percussion workshop. He introduced the audience to this different way of making music, where sensibility is controlled by his extremely refined classical technique. (Cape Verde, Africa) – 21/11/2003

A contrasting concert at the Festival Música Viva
The percussionist performed 4 world premières and 2 Portuguese premières to a full house. Works like “A Gravidade Liberta”, by Ricardo Climent, left the audience in utmost silence impressed by Carneiro’s hand movements which, together with the electronics, showcased one of the most original approaches in percussion writing (…) – 18/9/2003

Pedro Carneiro & Drumstruck!
“Yes, another superhuman feat from up to 11 musicians at any one time. (…)”Sextet” was heavy…mad to see the way the musicians move from instrument to instrument. (…) another great performance of Reich’s work, truly a feat of precision and endurance.” – 24/7/2003

Pedro Carneiro: «a prophet » in the Percussion Festival
The second concert of the Percussion Festival of Coimbra 2003, at the Museu dos Transportes on the 17th June, presented one of the greatest Portuguese percussionists, with an enviable career, showcasing a performance which impressed the audience, who asked for an encore, after which he could have easily continued playing. “What a shame!” was the remark of a member of the audience, after seeing Carneiro leaving the stage.
“This is music at its highest level!”, mentioned Carlos Alberto Augusto, even before the recital started, showing his enthusiasm. “Pedro Carneiro is a prophet” (…) – 17/6/2003

Tales of Trees, by Karen Tanaka
A World Première, “Tales of Trees”(2003), for solo marimba, by Japanese composer Karen Tanaka (b. 1961), was not only an efficient tool for the virtuosity of percussionist Pedro Carneiro, as it had the ability to suggest an arresting ambience, often rhythmically African or contemplative and dynamic.
O Público (Lisbon) – 4/1/2003

ERSO/Elts (Tüür ARDOR, Estonian Première)
“Pedro Carneiro from Portugal brought spontaneity and grace to Tüür’s Marimba Concerto.”
Postimees (Tallinn, Estonia) – 3/4/2003

Pedro Carneiro and Friends perform the music of Steve Reich
It was, therefore, particularly rewarding to hear this account, as part of the South Bank Centre’s valuable and varied “rhythmsticks” festival, by an ad hoc group assembled by the brilliant young percussionist, Pedro Carneiro (…).
Independent (London) – 2/7/2002

Beauty and the beat (Pedro Carneiro and Friends perform the music of Steve Reich)
Although the intense level of concentration involved in producing such music precludes any extraneous theatricality on the part of the players, such virtuoso playing makes for a spectacle in itself. Twenty-six-year-old Carneiro, a diminutive imp with little round glasses, is the only member permitted any genuine animation as he sings along and conducts with sharp glances and nods of his head. At times he could almost be said to be dancing as he bobs to the rhythms, but not quite. (…) When it works, as it did to spectacular effect at the Purcell Room last Tuesday, it can be an exhilarating experience.
Observer (London) – 21/7/2002

Afrika (Erkoreka)/Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid/Mena
(…) Pedro Carneiro, a young Portuguese musician, masters the marimba, transforming it into a solo instrument from which he knows how to extract multiple resources, he rightly shared the success of the work; great success for Erkoreka and the Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, very well guided by Juanjo Mena, who dominated a certainly not easy score. (…)
ABC (Madrid, Spain) – 7/1/2002

Tampere Phil. Orch. /Storgårds (Tüür ARDOR)
“The brand new Marimba Concerto “Ardor” is a nimble, rhythmically brilliant and sonorously enchanting work, in which the symbiosis of the soloist and the orchestra is absolute. Both feed the other as much as they can. The concerto proceeds like an improvisation, with the immediacy and freshness of intuition. Since the Portuguese Pedro Carneiro already figured as the soloist in the premiere, his supreme touch didn’t come as a surprise. Moving around his instrument with the lightness of a dancer, this virtuoso has totally internalised the musical ecstasy and the rage of the work.”
Aamulehti (Tampere, Finland) – 5/11/2002

(…) Pedro Carneiro, a brilliant, charismatic performer, who gave a stunning performance(…). What impressed me was his incredible ability to vary his dynamic range, from oceans of deep tone to the merest whisper. (…) “Rebonds B” (…) once again demonstrated the almost superhuman skills of Pedro Carneiro.
New Zealand Music Reviews – 14/3/2002

Musicians take it to the edge
“The stars of the evening were Pedro Carneiro, astonishing Portuguese marimbist who made poetry in Schwantner’s magical, many-layered Velocities, as drummer on Xenakis’s Rebonds B and with the entire assemblage, in John Psathas’s Psyzygysm, a tour de force from any point of view.”
The Evening Post (New Zealand) – 13/3/2002

BBC NOW/Sakari
In his new marimba concerto, named Ardor for its radiating energy and brightness, Erkki-Sven Tüür (…) has fashioned a virtuoso showpiece for the young Portuguese percussionist Pedro Carneiro. (…) It is a masterly touch to round off Carneiro’s dazzling performance.
The Guardian (London) – 30/1/2002

“(…) le formidable percussionniste Pedro Carneiro (…)”
Le Monde de La Musique – 1/10/2001

Martin Hoyle talks to Pedro Carneiro
On Saturday Pedro Carneiro pays tribute to Iannis Xenakis who died this year.(…) At 26 he’s an international percussionist, even touring the world in unusual combinations with the Chilingirian String Quartet.(…) ‘I see my profession as the same as an actor’s,’ he confesses disarmingly (wrong! Unlike an actor, he can talk intelligently about things other than himself and his work). ‘The chance of wearing a costume, what the composer can give you, what you can do for him. The next piece can be something different. It can be schizophrenic in a sense…’
Time Out – 7/11/2001

Elisabeth Chojnacka and Pedro Carneiro
“(…) and Miroir de Célestine (1990), a major work for harpsichord and percussion (Pedro Carneiro, PLG Musician 1999, who has frequently been admired in London by S&H). This, the high point of the concert, had been worked up from Maurice Ohana’s opera La Célestine, premiered at Paris Opera in 1988 – a very worth-while rescue operation, given in the small hall of Lisbon’s Cultural Centre at Belém a performance of astonishingly close rapport and aural sympathy between Elisabeth Chojnacka and this great young percussionist, who impresses more each time we have encountered him.”
Seen & Heard – 6/1/2001

Music is a Japanese Garden
In “Gitimalya” (by Toru Takemitsu) the soloist is Pedro Carneiro, who is, except the obvious choice of Maria João Pires, the most preeminent Portuguese performer of today in the international circuit. Open to all styles of composition, Carneiro has worked already with composers such as Brian Ferneyhough, Tan Dun, Simon Bainbridge, Steve Reich and James Dillon.
O Público – Lisbon – 4/10/2001

Foreplay through the feet to a marimba beat
“A huge marimba occupies the stage, its polished teeth gleaming as Pedro Carneiro prowls along it, padded sticks poised. He is percussionist and composer for Henri Oguike’s Shot Flow, a new duet given its first showing on Thursday. Shot Flow is a work-in-progress (…) and Carneiro, whose slippery, sensual music comments on their relationship.”
Observer – 28/1/2001

(…)Carneiro’s approach is notably laid-back and reserved, with economy of movement and gesture. One watched, as if hypnotised, the play of angles between fingers and between arm and keys.(…) This recital confirms Pedro Carneiro as a thinking musician who brings an original approach to his career. I hope he doesn’t get taken over by the marketing people!
Seen & Heard, London – //

(…) Pedro Carneiro, an exciting new addition to the percussion world (…) performed an impressive programme (…) displaying an impressive marimba technique with excellent stick control. (…) Carneiro displayed technical excellence once again, (…) a relentless vivacity in which the Latin and Caribbean rhythms positively sparkled. To conclude, a recital par excellence (…)
Classical London – //

“This young Portuguese percussionist caused a stir in Park Lane Group’s showcase series of Young Artists Concerts in January, and he fully deserved a return appearance in South Bank Centre’s summer percussion festival (…) (It) was a predictably invigorating event, but Carneiro’s virtuosity is worn lightly, and he maintains enviable relaxation whilst performing prodigious athletic feats (…).”
Seen & Heard, London – //

“(…) Portuguese percussionist Pedro Carneiro, with impressive co-ordination on the marimba, winningly conveyed the story-telling aspects of João Pedro Oliveira’s Crystal Pyramids and Nigel Clarke’s Tangaroa.”
Pierre Ruhe, Financial Times – //