Marimba with Damper Pedal

Pedro Carneiro and Keiko Abe, Taiwan 2013
Pedro Carneiro has been responsible for the development and involved in the design of a damper pedal for the marimba for over a decade, with extensive international experience (concerts, recordings and commissions) of this groundbreaking new sonic tool. - picture left: Keiko Abe and Pedro Carneiro (with the damper pedal marimba, in Taiwan, 2013)

Repertoire written for the damper pedal marimba:

  • Shing Kham (2011), Peter Lieberson
  • Inside Out and Outside In (2013), Cayenna Ponchione
  • Small Box of Time (2013), Chris Dench
  • Ki/Mzungo (2015), Pedro Carneiro
  • Trabalhos da Madeira (2016/2017), Miguel Azguime
  • Several upcoming etudes by Alejandro Viñao, John Psathas and several other composers.

Recordings on the damper pedal marimba:

  • Chant, Nuova Camerata