Inventions and Gear

As a percussionist, Pedro Carneiro works with the following companies, either as an endorser and/or consultant. If you wish to request clinic/masterclass support, please reach the appropriate contacts directly:

Marimba: currently not endorsing any marimba maker
Mallets: currently not endorsing any marimba mallets
Snare Drum: Black Swamp Percussion | Tim Church
Cymbals: Zildjian | Keith Aleo
Practice Pads: Offworld Percussion | Dave Lauder
Aluphone: Aluphone Carneiro | Kai Stensgaard
Various multi-mallets and sticks: Missom | Miguel Ralha

Pedro Carneiro has created several accessories and inventions:

Marimba Damper Pedal
Tri-Tone Marimba Mallet
Signature Series Marimba Mallets
Marimba Bow-Mallet
and many more to be added soon…