Pedro Carneiro: PODCAST
Unreleased Recordings
Louis Sclavis / Pedro Carneiro
This an excerpt of a series of improvised pieces by Louis Sclavis (bass clarinet) and Pedro Carneiro (marimba). Recorded in July 2008, at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, Portugal. Click to hear Podcast
Blast from the Past!
This a recording I made in 1995 - "Ecletic Fusion" by Christopher Hussey, with Simon Baggs on violin! Click to hear Podcast
"Music for Prosthetic Congas" by Pedro Rebelo
A preview of recording of Pedro Rebelo's "Music for Prosthetic Congas", written and premièred for Pedro Carneiro. The recording will be released in the near future, in an album featuring works for skin instruments and electronics. Click to hear Podcast
Jose Augusto Carneiro / Pedro Carneiro
A recording made in 2001, featuring José Augusto Carneiro (flugelhorn and trumpet) and Pedro Carneiro (marimba/vibes). Together, father and son played Michael Mantler's beautiful "Love". Click to hear Podcast
Liquid Bars, for marimba and tape: João Pedro Oliveira
An excerpt from Carneiro's upcoming recording "Music for Marimba and Computer": an album which is being recorded together with the composers, in several locations worldwide. Includes works by Oliveira, Bachratá, Wilson, Climent, Lippe and others. Click to hear the Podcast
Pedro Carneiro's solo percussion work
"When the dusk was wet with dew..." (2003), for solo percussion set-up, inspired by Sara Teasdale's poetry. Commissioned by Phoenix Dance Theatre (UK) for a new ballet of choreographer Henri Oguike. Total duration: 17 minutes. Click to hear Podcast